Big Brother‘s latest evictee Ife Kuku has suggested her need for solitude in the house could have led to her getting the boot.

The 25-year-old dancer – who was evicted from the house on Friday with 56.5 per cent of the public vote – admitted she hadn’t had a specific friend in the house.

“I spent quite a lot of time in the bathroom by myself when I wanted to just have time to myself,” she said. “And I spent time with everybody, but I wasn’t really best friends with anyone.”

Ife also admitted that her honesty and outspokenness had landed her in trouble in the house – particularly with Shabby and Caoimhe, who she had accused in the Diary Room of being boring.

“I didn’t want to be honest in a bitchy way,” she said. “I couldn’t make up with her knowing what I’d said about her, because then we would have a fake friendship.”

However Ife was quick to defend herself during her eviction interview when a viewer accused her of being boring and not doing enough in the house.

“I went in there to find out who I was and what I want to be,” she explained. “I didn’t go in there to prance about.”

Meanwhile, the remaining housemates found themselves cornered by the Tree of Temptation shortly after Ife had left the house.

They have been set the task of dressing and acting like Ben – complete with blond wigs and posh accents – for the next 24 hours, in order to try and win back his suitcase.