Big Brother housemate Kenneth has openly admitted he behaved like an “idiot” in his first interview since escaping over the house wall on Thursday.

Speaking to Davina McCall, the 24-year-old boyfriend of ex-housemate Karly said, “I’ll be the first to admit I did wrong. But I evolved. I learned a lot from my experience when I was in there.”

“But I missed Karly . Without doubt, she is the love of my life.”

And he denied that his clashes with Bea over the new housemates’ secret mission had anything to do with his departure.

“I don’t think it had anything to do with me leaving,” he said, “I had a job, I tried my best to get it done. Her morals got in the way.”

Millionaire Kenneth entered the house as one of five newcomers last Friday, just moments before Karly was evicted.

However he lasted just six days before deciding to leave, and aided by Marcus he scaled the wall of the house in the early hours of Thursday morning, saying that his “heart wasn’t at peace” in the compound.

He was one of eleven housemates who were due to face the public vote this week – but the eviction was cancelled after he left.

However Davina revealed during the interview that he had been ahead in the voting prior to his departure – and so most likely would have been evicted anyway.

Also present at the interview was Karly, who said that she gave Kenneth an “absolute roasting” after he openly flirted with Dogface, aka Sophie, while he was in the house.

“It was disgraceful,” she said. However she added that they have talked about it since they were reunited. “I went into the house with a boyfriend and I came out with a boyfriend. You’ve got to work at relationships,” she added.

Kenneth, meanwhile, downplayed the incident.

“She’s sweet, she’s shy,” he admitted, “but in all honesty that was a moment of idiocy on my part.”