BB’s Mario: I’m relieved to be out

Big Brother‘s latest evictee Mario has revealed that he is “relieved” to have gotten the boot from the house.

The 43-year-old – who received a mixed reception of boos, cheers and whistles as he exited the house – also told Davina that the eviction result had come as a shock to him.

“Other people are playing big game plans, and I wasn’t,” he said.

“I just went in there with Lisa as a couple. But at the end of the day it’s a two-horse race and you never know who’s going to win.”

“It’s difficult to assess though. I’m probably as shocked as Rebecca is shocked.”

He also admitted that there were pros and cons to having his partner in the house with him.

“I think you could rely on each other and you had an ally in the house,” he said of Lisa, “but also you couldn’t really be yourself, you had to change.”

“I think when you’re in that situation you’re really aware of it, and you have to break away – whether it’s running round the garden or mixing with the other housemates.”

After Mario’s interview, Davina told him he had had a lucky escape from a major twist that is about to split the house in two.

She revealed that this weekend the housemates would elect the first ever ‘head of house’, who would have complete control over everything.

Just to add a further twist, the house will be divided into two parts – one side will be ‘heaven’, while the other side will be ‘hell’.