BB’s Nicole: I wasn’t happy in the house!

Big Brother 9‘s latest evictee Nicole has said she was unhappy during her time in the house, after being booted out with a record 94 per cent of the vote.

The 19-year-old – who kept her head down as she exited the house to an almost unanimous chorus of boos from the crowd – told Davina that she had found it incredibly difficult to be a housemate, due to her relationship with Rex.

“It was such a hard situation to be accepted in the house as Rex’s girlfriend and I never had a chance to be myself,” she said.

“They all had their friends, they knew who they want in the final and I just wasn’t a part of it. Nobody really wanted to get to know me.”

“It’s not nice being told you’re up for eviction, and Rex didn’t like it either, but I was expecting it.”

Nicole described herself as “fun and bubbly” during her interview – but said she never had the opportunity to show the others that side of her personality.

“I think it was because I knew so much from the outside and there were things I wanted to say that I couldn’t,” she admitted.

“Like I wanted to tell Rex how much I missed him but I couldn’t just spend time with him. I had to think about his position in the house, and being involved with everyone else.”

“It was a great opportunity for me but being in the house as Rex’s girlfriend was so difficult.”

Meanwhile, Davina also revealed at the end of Friday’s show that Mario would be paying a return visit to the house on Sunday – to pop the question to Lisa.

And she added that a “big surprise” – rumoured in the papers earlier this week to be a double eviction – awaited two housemates in a special show on Wednesday.