BB’s Rachael: I felt cheated by eviction

Big Brother 2010’s first evictee Rachael has admitted she felt “cheated” by her early departure from the house.

The Beyonce lookalike became the first person to leave the house after scoring 37.5 per cent of Friday’s public vote, ahead of fellow nominees Shabby and Sunshine.

However Rachael only found herself up for eviction after Dave, who had been nominated, won a task and chose her to replace him as a nominee.

“I felt it was really unfair,” she said in her eviction interview. “Me and Dave never really got on but I don’t think we disliked each other that much. I think he’s playing a game or something.”

Rachael – who left the house to a mixed response from the crowd despite having entered the house to a chorus of boos – also spoke about her rocky relationship with fellow housemate John James, whom she said was “awful” to her.

“I think John James judged me straight away when I entered the house and never really gave me a chance,” she said. “I just really wanted him to change his opinion of me.”

In two new twists to the eviction interview, Rachael answered questions from viewers, while the housemates also recorded messages for her.

Ben admitted in his he would be “really sad” when Rachael was gone, while John James apologised for his behaviour towards her.

“If I could have changed it I would have handled things in a different way,” he said. “I hope you enjoyed your time in the house and I hope I didn’t make things too difficult for you.”

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