BB’s Stu: I’m glad to be out of the house!

Big Brother 9‘s latest evictee Stuart has said he is glad to have been given the boot – but admitted that leaving the house was nerve-wracking.

“I was scared,” he told Davina in his eviction interview, “I didn’t want to come out and having booing and people throwing eggs at me.”

“When I went in the house people’s first opinion was what everybody would think, that I love myself or I don’t speak to people – and I’m not like that at all.”

However, the 24-year-old said he found it a struggle being away from his family, and in particular his daughter, for such a long period of time.

“Being eight weeks away from my daughter like that was hell on earth,” he revealed. “I see her every day of my life. By the time it got to week two I was waking up every day and thinking ‘I can’t justify being here any more’.”

“I was thinking if I hadn’t been up for nomination then I might have walked, but I wanted to finish it off and see if the crowd booed me, otherwise it would have been a wasted experience.”

Stuart exited the house to a largely positive reaction, and celebrated his freedom by stage-diving into the crowd – but later admitted to Davina that he regretted it.

“I’m sure I heard people tell me to jump,” he said, “so I thought ‘this is it, I’m going out on a high’. It ended up as one of those things where I had to jump up and say ‘I’m fine!'”

“But actually it really hurt.”