Big Brother 2010’s latest evictee Sunshine Martin has said she is friends with fellow housemate John James despite them having argued in the house.

The pair had a major falling out earlier this week after he attempted to push her into the swimming pool for the third time.

“He needs time,” she said in her eviction interview, “he gets quite angry, then he came to me and said ‘I wanna be friends'”.

“He wears jewellery that I made and I left him some underneath his pillow as a surprise in case I got evicted, but he found it and thanked me for it.”

“I actually thought it was funny the first two times he threw me in the pool,” she added, “but then he did it again and I got a bad carpet burn.”

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old denied she was an attention seeker – and added that she felt particularly guilty over the ‘Crispgate’ incident last week which won her several of her five nominations.

“I felt terrible, really bad,” she insisted. “I was crying because I was upset, I was really disappointed in myself.”

She also tipped Mario, Josie and Steve as possible winners, but also singled out Ben as one of her favourites. “He’s getting funnier by the day,” she said. “He’s come out of his shell, definitely.”

However Ben is in for a rough ride over the weekend after he was chosen by Big Brother for a Day Of Hell on Saturday.

Previous evictees Rachael and Govan were allowed to award a heavenly or hellish day to the housemate of their choice, but Big Brother has taken over and is punishing Ben for failing his task earlier in the week, and also revealing the existence of the Tree Of Temptation to the other housemates.