Evicted housemate Ben has returned to the Big Brother house.

The former housemate dropped in unexpectedly, meeting Mario in the garden after the former mole was asked by Bob Righter if he would like to be a mole again and be interviewed on The Ben Show or be a mole while being handcuffed to Ben for a few hours.

Mario chose to be handcuffed to his ex-housemate.

“I’ve missed you, I know I nominated you but… Your hair looks really nice, it looks really good,” Mario told the posh boy.

Ben – who brought a gift of jelly babies for Corin – replied: “I can’t particularly talk about the outside world. I might be here for a while, a few days. It’s good to be back. I know I’ve been a pain in the a**, but I’ve missed you all.”

“You all look really good on TV. The cameras have been really kind,” he added.

He hinted that he has done something that involves each housemate, like meeting the families of Steve and Dave, addressing the Oxford Union which Andrew is a member of and travelling around the country – he divulged that he would be taking Dave’s mum for lunch at the Ritz in London and heading to Australia, where John James is from.

He added: “I can’t tell you what I’m here for. I’ve been on a journey, a magical adventure.”

As Ben – who admitted he is a Sam Pepper fan because he ‘brings spark’ to the house – got into voting results and former housemates like Rachel, Big Brother warned him several times not to give any information away about the outside world.