Big Bro launch ratings remain low

The ratings for the second part of Big Brother’s 2013 launch show remained on the low side on Friday night as six new contestants entered the house.

Despite the controversy over the arrival of former Operation Yewtree officer Dan Neal, the show pulled in roughly the same number of viewers as the previous evening, with 2.11m tuning in.

That represents a slight drop on the 2.13m who watched Thursday night’s show – which was the lowest-rated launch show in series history.

By contrast, a further 600,000 viewers tuned in to the launch nights for both the 2011 and 2012 series, which were also screened on Channel 5.

Thursday night’s launch edition was also resoundingly beaten in the ratings by the Horizon documentary The Secret Life of The Cat, which became an unexpected hit with viewers.

The BBC Two show, which was screened in the same time slot, focused on an experiment in which cats were fitted with hidden cameras to provide an insight into their lives away from their owners.

And it cleaned up in the ratings, with almost 5m people tuning in to find out what their furry friends got up to when they weren’t looking.

Friday’s Big Brother also saw actor Michael Dylan – aka the ‘People’s Puppet’ housemate – given his first chance to create viewer-controlled mayhem.

He was called into the Diary Room and given the option of tucking into a pizza and beer – or saving the suitcases of the six new housemates.

In the end – guided by the viewer votes – he chose to forego the pizza and save the suitcases, but at the same time learned he would be the only housemate nominating next week, with his nominations once again determined by the public.


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