Big Bro’s Wolfy accuses Hazel and Daley of ‘showmance’

Big Brother’s latest evictee Wolfy Millington has hinted that in-house lovebirds Hazel O’Sullivan and Daley Ojuederie of putting on a ‘showance’ to win fans.

The 20-year-old fisherwoman, who was booted out of the house on Friday night, admitted that their constant flirting had been ‘uncomfortable to live with’ – but also accused the boxer and the glamour model of playing up to the cameras.

“It’s a showmance, it’s all part of their game plan,” Wolfy said. “A showmance keeps you in longer, it gets you a lot more votes.”

Wolfy also admitted that the pair’s close relationshup had left her confused – but added that it wasn’t entirely Hazel’s fault, despite the other housemates branding her a ‘home-wrecker’.

“One minute Daley was saying how much he loved his girlfriend and the next Hazel’s touching him up in the treehouse,” Wolfy pointed out. “But it takes two to tango. He deserves the blame as much as she does.”

Wolfy’s Big Brother eviction was seen by 1.5m viewers on Friday night, as she lost out to Hazel, as well as fellow nominees Callum Knell and Jackie Travers.

The housemates also learned that two of them will replace Gina, Dexter and Charlie in the secret ‘safe house’ over the weekend – although unbeknown to them the public will vote for which pre-selected duo they want to see enter the luxurious lodgings.