Big Brother 10: Meet this year’s crew

Big Brother 10 includes a bunch of people so diverse the producers have all but guaranteed a volatile series of the Channel 4 show.

They include glamour models, a bisexual, a lesbian, a Goth window fitter, a posh Oxford graduate and an Anglo-Pakistani who admits she looks ‘like a prostitute’. Find out more about them here…



Age: 25

Occupation: Retail Manager

Noirin is a self assured, straight talking Dubliner who admits she has a competitive streak.


Age: 28

From: London

Occupation: Study Support Assistant

Originally from Pakistan, Beinazir’s family were forced to seek asylum in the UK when she was one.


Age: 20

From: Cheshire

Sophie is a glamour model who would describe herself as one of the lads.


Age: 35

From: South London

Occupation: Professional Boxer/Artist

Originally from Russia, Angel is an ex-rock star who moved to England 12 years ago.


Age: 41

From: Birmingham

Occupation: Unemployed

Lisa admits to being a geeky and quiet teenager who came out to one of her teacher’s after being teased about being a lesbian.


Age: 26

From: London

Occupation: Private Banking Assistant

Sophia, 4ft 11in, has suffered from Lupus since she was very young and thinks that this has given her a positive attitude and describes herself as fun, fierce and feisty.


Age: 21

From: Fife

Occupation: Unemployed

This FHM High Street honey works as a part-time glamour model and believes that her job defines her 100% as she loves to show off.


Age: 27

From: Nottingham

Occupation: Beauty Consultant

A mother of two, Saffia hates those who try to stereotype her as a single mum and strives to be just the opposite.



Age: 23

From: Brazil

Occupation: Student

Rodrigo is half Italian, half Brazilian and came to the UK to study and to search for a better life.


Age: 23

From: Market Drayton

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Oxford University graduate Freddie describes himself as a polymath: a free spirit for whom 2009 is about blossoming.


Age: 22

From: Newcastle

Occupation: Customer Service Advisor

Charlie is a former Mr Gay UK contestant who won the Newcastle heat back in 2007.


Age: 24

From: Shrewsbury

Occupation: Visual Merchandiser

Kris says he dropped out of university after the girls stopped doing his work for him.


Age: 23

Occupation: Events organiser

Siavash grew up in Iran but moved to the UK when he was a child. He lives with his mum, but mostly stays with friends. He has never paid a rent bill in his life.


Age: 25

From: India

Occupation: Student Union Elected President

Sree grew up in India, and left the country for the first time when he came to England to study for a Masters in Business.


Age: 18

From: Florida

Occupation: Student

Cairon was born in London, but moved to Florida when he was one. He returned two years ago and now lives in London with his dad.


Age: 35

From: London

Occupation: Window Fitter

Something that Marcus has not done for 20 years is share a house with someone, let alone 15 fellow housemates.

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