Big Brother 10 opens doors to 16 non-housemates

On Thursday sixteen new ‘housemates’ walked through the doors to the Big Brother house… but not as real housemates.

Within minutes of them all arriving, Big Brother revealed that no one was yet an official housemate and that they would have to earn their status to remain in the house.

The first two to earn full housemate status were Brazilian Rodrigo and Irishwoman Noirin, who agreed to have her eyebrows shaved off and spectacles and moustach drawn on her face with a permanent marker.

The other housemates, including Siavash (pictured) who fail or refuse a task will be left at the mercy of the public as to whether they will be granted housemate status.

On Sunday night any non-housemates will leave and be met by Davina during a special live show direct from the house.

Non-housemates were instructed to open a crate in the garden and change into the non-housemate uniform, returning their own clothes to Big Brother.

Until they individually gain housemate status they will be required to wear the uniform and will not get access to their suitcases.

All non-housemates were supplied with blankets and pillows from a crate in the garden and will spend their first night sleeping on the floor of the living room.

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