Big Brother 11 stars face ultimate showdown

Big Brother 11 housemates will go into competition with past stars of the show in its hotly anticipated “Ultimate” Big Brother, Channel 4 has confirmed.

The current show will end suddenly on August 24, says the channel, at which point they’ll be joined by a selection of famous faces from previous Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother series.

“In a last twist before Big Brother bows out of the limelight, viewers will be treated to one final showdown with a house full to the brim of classic Big Brother characters,” said a statement from C4.

“The eleventh series will end abruptly, much to the current housemates’ surprise. Little do they know, they are competing not just to win this current series but also to challenge for the chance to join some of the best loved and most reviled faces from past series in The Ultimate Big Brother.”

The identity of the past housemates hasn’t yet been announced, but the show’s producers are said to be in talks with some of the show’s 180 former housemates and 68 Celebrity Big Brother stars.

The exact format of Ultimate Big Brother remains a secret, but all the new housemates will be subjected to the usual rules of the Big Brother house.

And, crucially, viewers will be asked to select one lucky housemate as their ultimate winner of the decade.

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