Big Brother 2014 saw it’s first double eviction, with new housemate Bianca Lake and original starter Danielle McMahon being shown the exit.

First out, by public vote, was Bianca, leaving fellow newbies Pavandeen Paul and Zoe Birkett to heave a big sigh of relief.

Was Bianca upset about only lasting a few days? Did she wonder why? Did she think about what she might say? No. She was just worried about having time to get her top off and expose her breasts as the Big Brother house doors slid open.

“I thought I was about to do my first ever topless interview!” Emma Willis told her.  “As beautiful as they are, I’m glad you’ve put them away.”

Oh, so were we.

“How does it feel to be out so quickly?” Emma asked Bianca.

“I’m a bit gutted to be out now, obviously,” she replied. “But I had a wicked time, anyway.”

“You did give everything you had to give,” Emma said. “We’ve seen every single inch of your body, Bianca. If you had stayed, would we have seen more of that? Or would you maybe have settled down a little bit?”

“No. I just went in there and had fun. I’m glad I did everything I did in there because obviously I’m out now. So, whatever…”

Next out of the BB house was Danielle McMahon – and she wasn’t happy. The only thing she exposed was her anger at being evicted.

She had kisses goodbye for all the remaining housemates – except Pav and Zoe. Well, they had just decided that she would be the eighth housemate to leave the house.

And if Bianca had still been there, we suspect Danielle might have given her a Glasgow kiss…

“How are you feeling?” Emma asked Danielle, in her post-eviction interview.

“I don’t think it was fair,” Danielle replied, “I really don’t. That’s why I didn’t say goodbye to Pav or Zoe. They knew I was struggling this week. I did make an effort with all of them and I felt cheated, to be honest. I would have preferred to have the public vote me out. These two characters have just come in and not made a fair judgement.”

“Why do you think they picked you?” Emma asked her. “You had run-ins with Bianca but she wasn’t there to pick you…”

“I just had a bad week,” Danielle replied, referring to Bianca’s revelations about self-proclaimed virgin Danielle’s life as a glamour model.

“The thing is, we’ve seen things you’ve talked about outside the house that are quite sexual,” Emma told Danielle. “But inside the house you’ve said you’re not like that. That is where the contradiction comes from.”

“Certain publications will twist your words,” claimed Danielle. “The lads’ mags are not going to want a prim and proper girl to do an interview with them.”

“But doesn’t that just contradict the kind of ladylike figure you give off?” Emma persisted. “Can you understand that?”

“I can. But the industry I’m in… you’re going to get a lot of speculation. I think I have been true to myself.  The person I have been in the house is who I am.”

And that includes the less-than-ladylike swearing, for which Danielle did apologise.

Big Brother, Channel 5, continues nightly.