Big Brother 2014: Tamara, you are the first person to be evicted from the Big Brother house

Tamara Stewart-Wood forced a smile on her face as she became the first person to be voted out of the Big Brother House after just eight days.

The housemates had nominated Tamara, Jale and Danielle for eviction  and it was Tamara who got the public vote and made her exit on Friday, June 13 – definitely unlucky for her.

Speaking to Emma Willis in the first post eviction interview of the series, Tamara said she was shocked by the result.

“I am a little bit upset that I was chosen,” Tamara told Emma in her post eviction interview. “If I was given a bit more time I could have shown a lot more.  I did feel that Danielle would go. She’s had a hard week. It’s hard being in there and feeling that you’re the outsider.”

Tamara, 24, a global oil and gas head-hunter, had claimed she was “better than anyone else” going into the house, and promised a no-nonsense, sassy attitude, but quickly turned out to be a damp squib, accused of being anti-social by the female housemates and forming one half of an intimidating clique with Helen Woods.

“I think Helen’s brilliant,” Tamara told Emma. “She says it like it is. She’s quite loud and, yes, that made us totally unapproachable.

“Now I’m sat here thinking I should have made more effort. I’m just not one of those people who goes round licking people’s bums. I just found speaking to some of them a little bit boring.”

Londoner Tamara’s eviction brings an end to a blossoming romance in the Big Brother house as she appeared to be getting close to Essex boy Winston, 27. The pair were seen flirting while in a bath together and were caught kissing.

“Me and Winston are very different,” she said, “but I do have a crush on him. I definitely want to see him outside of the house. I’d love to.”

It was also revealed that the secret new power housemate Chris, 33, chose dancer Pauline, 49, for the public vote next week.

Pauline’s Big Brother future doesn’t look good, either… She was loudly booed by the crowd during the live eviction  show.

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Big Brother, Channel 5, 10.00pm, Saturday, June 14