Former Big Brother 9 housemate Mario made a brief return to the house on Sunday – to pop the question to his girlfriend Lisa.

Mario – dressed in a dinner suit and bow tie – made his appearance in the garden in early afternoon while the housemates were in the living area, and his appearance caused a stir.

“Oh my God there’s a person out there!” shouted Rex, who first noticed what was going on – and gradually the housemates crowded around the window as an amazed Lisa realised who the person was.

Mario – who was evicted several weeks ago – asked Lisa to marry him with a series of placards.

They read, “Lisa, I am very sorry, to say you’re single, no more, as I have spoken, to your Daddy, Therefore I would like to, Marry you?

And the pair shared a kiss through the garden window as Mario went on to produce an engagement ring.

“Is this happening?” gasped Lisa before giving her answer. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I love you babe!”

And afterwards she was understandably emotional.

“The cards were going everywhere and I was trying to take it in,” she said of Mario’s proposal. “It’s gonna be a very emotional day for me. There’s no point putting any make up on if I’m gonna keep crying.”

“That is something I will treasure for the rest of my life,” she added dreamily. “It keeps coming over me in waves.”