Big Brother: A message from the outside!

The Big Brother housemates were left confused on Saturday afternoon after they claimed to have heard chanting from outside the house.

Amanda, Chanelle, Brian, Sam and Gerry were sunbathing in the garden when they heard someone shouting beyond the walls – and they quickly identified what was being said.

“They shouted ‘get Charley out!'” said Chanelle. Carole, who was also listening, quickly confirmed she had heard the same thing.

Big Brother swiftly instructed the housemates to go indoors, where they shared the news with Nicky and Tracey – and debated whether or not they should tell Charley what they heard.

Eventually they decided it was better to keep quiet than risk upsetting the 22-year-old – who was still on a high from seeing the crowds at the previous evening’s fake eviction.

They even went as far as to wake up Liam, who was sleeping in the bedroom, and warn him too.

“We all agreed not to tell Charley. It’s very important for her to stay in a good mood,” Gerry told him, “so she doesn’t start any fights.”

“At the moment she is a happy bunny, so let’s keep her happy.”

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