Big Brother: A night of saucy dares

There were some sore heads in the Big Brother house on Saturday morning after a drunken game of Truth or Dare late on Friday night.

Much kissing ensued as a result, with Tracey and Chanelle sharing a clinch and Charley snogging Sam, while Carole treated Ziggy to a saucy lap dance.

However Charley wasn’t so pleased when Ziggy dared her to smooch with Chanelle. The pair managed only a brief kiss before moving on to the next dare – which involved Charley snogging her other enemy Gerry.

As the night went on the dares became increasingly outrageous. Ziggy raised a few eyebrows when he danced around the living area while dressed in a pink frilly skirt belonging to one of the twins,

Brian, meanwhile stripped naked and raced around the garden before jumping into the pool,as the housemates shrieked encouragement. “There’s underwater cameras,” Ziggy reminded Brian after he had taken the plunge. “That’s special.”

“Brian, you’re the nuts,” Carole agreed as she helped him dry off afterwards.

The housemates eventually made their way to bed as dawn was breaking,only to be woken by the alarm just a few hours later.

You can see what the housemates got up to in our photo gallery

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