Big Brother bully Alexandra has been throwing her weight around again – by ordering that alcohol be left off this week’s shopping list.

The housemates received their first shopping budget on Thursday of £112 – £5.60 of which could be spent on booze.

But Alex quickly concluded that there were better ways to spend the money – and didn’t hold back in telling her fellow housemates.

“I don’t think we need alcohol at all,” she said: “We haven’t got any vegetables. S** the alcohol – let’s get everything else.”

In an effort to appear democratic, Alex urged the housemates to vote if they wanted to leave alcohol out and was, unsurprisingly, the first to stick her hand in the air.

“That’s everyone except one, two, three, four people. You’re out-voted – no alcohol. You’re going to have to deal with it.”

But when Rebecca had emerged from the Diary Room with the shopping list she seemed in very high spirits at the prospect of being given alcohol.

“Guess how much a can of cider is?” she squealed. “40p! And we’re allowed to spend £5.60 on alcohol!”