Big Brother: All change again!

Big Brother‘s newest arrivals Shanessa, Kara-Louise and David are back in the halfway house after the housemates were faced with yet another twist.

On Wednesday evening, the four people who were in the halfway house at the time – Ziggy, Amy, Liam and Jonty – were told they were to become fully fledged housemates.

However, they were told they had to choose four people from the main house to take their place – and were given two minutes to decide.

And after Jonty and Amy both voted for David, the others decided to send all the previous halfway housemates back to the halfway house.

However, they were still faced with the dilemma of choosing one of the original housemates to join them. “Who do you think would be most likely to survive if they were up for eviction?” Jonty asked.

“I think Tracey,” Liam suggested, “because she has survived three, she’s confident and we know that the crowd like her.”

However, the four were unaware that the decision was being watched in the main house on the plasma screen. Kara-Louise burst into tears when her name was announced, while Tracey looked furious.

“Tracey, you’ll be fine,” said Liam, second guessing that the others might be tuning in. “Sorry to the rest, but you have to understand that we’ve all been here together for ages.”

The four who have been sent to the Halfway House will now face the public vote on Friday.

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