Big Brother: All housemates face eviction!

All of the Big Brother housemates face the public vote this week due to rule-breaking over nominations.

Marcus and Siavash both broke ‘fundamental’ regulations, Big Brother said.

Furthermore, viewers will vote for the housemate they want to save rather than evict, and the contestant with the least amount of votes will be booted out.

While housemates were waiting to nominate in the Diary Room, moaning Marcus repeatedly told housemates that he would not mind leaving this week.

Marcus’s premeditated and repeated attempt to influence nominations breaks a fundamental rule of Big Brother, the show said.

When Big Brother asked Siavash for his first nomination, he told Big Brother that he was refusing to nominate this week.

Despite being warned that this would have consequences, Siavash left the Diary Room without giving any nominations.

A statement from the show said: “As a number of the housemates have blatantly disregarded such a fundamental rule, Big Brother has decided it should be left to the public to decide who they want in the house.”

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