Big Brother: Amanda’s gran chooses Liam over Brian

Big Brother housemate Amanda’s gran apparently thinks the blonde should choose Liam over Brian.

Irene Marchant says she thinks the twin has more in common with Liam – and hopes they will get together once the show has finished.

She told Star magazine: “I wasn’t upset that she gave Brian the brush-off. Liam is more her type – he’s very good-looking and down-to-earth. He’s more grown-up than Brian and more worldly.

“I would be very happy if they became an item. I love his accent – I think Amanda does too!”

Irene thinks that the 19-year-old’s body language suggests she is interested in the tree surgeon.

“I knew from the start she liked to have fun with Liam,” she continued. “Brian was devastated when Amanda told him she didn’t fancy him. but I knew it was never going to go any further by her body actions. She just wanted to be friends. You can see her flirting more with Liam – they get on really well.”

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