Big Brother: Amanda’s hot and bothered

Amanda has told Big Brother she is getting fed up of having to wear a hot dog costume for the Seven Deadly Sins task.

The twin, who was chosen as the Proudest housemate by Carole, has been wearing the novelty outfit since Sunday, when the task began.

She has been told that she has to continue wearing it until instructed by Big Brother to remove it – and has done so, in spite of constant teasing from her fellow housemates.

However, she decided on Tuesday morning that she had had enough of the outfit and went to the Diary Room to complain.

“I don’t like being a hot dog no more,” she told Big Brother. “It’s uncomfy and it strangles me.”

Even Big Brother refused to take Amanda seriously though. “Do you think you look tasty?” she was asked.

“No!” shrieked the 19-year-old. “I look horrible!”

She later received some words of encouragement from the others.

“If you’re fed up with it, they’ll keep you in it longer,” reasoned Carole. “What you’ve got to do is embrace it, love it, have fun in it, and it’ll be over.”

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