Big Brother: Amy eyes Liam

The ‘halfway housemates’ have been welcoming Ziggy since he moved in from the main Big Brother house – but not all of them are happy.

While Jonty and Shanessa were delighted to see him, Amy sounded less keen. “It’s a new person, it’s exciting,” she said unconvincingly when questioned by Shanessa.

“If you could have picked one, who would it have been?” the 27-year-old asked her – and Amy admitted she would have preferred Liam.

Shanessa – ever the tactful one – quickly revealed this to Ziggy when they were chatting to him later.

“She wishes it were Liam,” she told Ziggy. “She fancies him.”

However, the care worker also admitted to having her eye on Brian, and seemed indignant that he hadn’t joined them in the halfway house. “Why didn’t you let him come in?” she asked Ziggy.

“I was taking the hit…to just see what happens,” Ziggy told her. “There’s people who won’t stand up ’cause they want to win…but they would be happy to push you forward.”

“So what’s Brian said about me?” Shanessa asked.

“I just think…the way he took to you, he’s taken to you,” Ziggy told a delighted Shanessa, who said the 20-year-old was “lovely”.

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