Big Brother: Amy’s next in!

Amy has become the second ‘halfway housemate’ to spend time with the group in the main Big Brother house.

The glamour model was summoned to the house early on Saturday afternoon and was warmly welcomed by the housemates – with Carole first to greet the newcomer – before they all retreated to the garden for a chat.

“We’re having a nice time in there,” she said of the halfway house, “but because there’s only a few of us in there you speak to someone and then you’ve got nothing else left to say.

“It really is like a halfway house, we sleep in sleeping bags, and the cupboards are full of tinned food,” the 21-year-old told the others.

And while she described felllow halfway housemate David as “lovely”, she wasn’t so sure about some of the others.

“Jonty came in in his pyjamas, clutching a teddy bear” she said of the eccentric museum worker. We had a bottle of wine and four bottles of beer last night, but he pretty much drank most of it.”

“We couldn’t control him last night, he was running round. When we woke up this morning all the potatoes were stabbed, all the bananas… all the saucepans were on the chairs.”

Jonty, Shanessa and Kara-Louise are still to visit the housemates in the main house before they decide which two of the five will join them.

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