Big Brother: Australia Calling!

The Big Brother housemates had a surprise on Thursday afternoon when they received a special phone call from the Australian Big Brother house.

Liam was the first person to reach the fish phone in the living area when it rang, ahead of Gerry who shrieked and made an excited dash for it.

He was promptly told he would be connected to the housemates in Big Brother Australia for five minutes and could ask them anything he liked.

His first questions was whether or not any of the British housemates had made it to the house down under. “Did you have an English actor in the house with you pretending to be Australian?” he asked before explaining about ‘Pauline’ and Fake Week.

Liam then handed the phone to Brian – a huge fan of Big Brother Australia – who refused to believe that the Antipodean housemates really were on the phone.

However, he chatted with Aleisha – his favourite Australian housemate – before handing over to Carole.

“Im 53 and giving it some,” she told the Australian house, before handing over to the twins for the final minute.

However they barely had time to ask the housemate on the other end if he was good-looking before the call was abruptly ended.

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