Big Brother: Banner fools housemates

Big Brother has pulled yet another Fake Week stunt on the housemates – by making them believe there is a second house.

The housemates were called into the garden just after lunch on Wednesday afternoon, having been told that essential maintenance needed to be carried out in the house.

But just moments later they were greeted by the sight of an aeroplane circling the house, trailing a banner which read ‘There is another house’.

Big Brother subsequently ordered all the housemates into the caravan – but not before they had all clocked a good look at the banner.

The housemates reacted with excitement to the news, with the twins jumping up and down, and Charley and Nicky hugging each other – but others were more sceptical.

“I don’t know if I believe it,” Gerry said. “It’s too obvious. Why were we locked in the garden?”

All will no doubt be revealed to the housemates in due course…

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