Big Brother: BB8 meets BB3

Former Big Brother housemates Alex Sibley and Adele Roberts have made a guest appearance in the house as part of this week’s time travel shopping task.

The pair showed up on Monday evening after current housemates Brian and Kara-Louise were transported back to 2002 in the Big Brother time machine.

They promptly stepped out of the Diary Room into an exact replica of the BB3 house – complete with the bars which divided the Living Area for part of the series.

Alex and Adele then appeared, sending Brian – a devoted Big Brother fan – into hysterics.

The pair then challenged the old housemates in a series of tasks which had been featured in Big Brother 3 – including shooting basketball hoops, keeping a football up and playing darts.

Unfortunately Brian and Kara-Louise were no match for Alex and Adele, who beat them at both the footy task and the darts.

“My mates will never speak to me again,” whimpered Brian as he floundered with the football. “I won’t have any friends! My life’s over now!”

However, the pair weren’t downhearted for long, with Kara-Louise describing the appearance of the old housemates as “the highlight of my week”.

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