Big Brother: BB8 the movie!

The Big Brother housemates spent Tuesday afternoon tackling their latest task – making a film about their experiences in the house.

Having been supplied with video cameras, props and costumes, the group were told they had three hours to re-enact the highlights of the series on film. The footage would then be handed over to Big Brother who would edit it into a 60 minute movie.

Highlights inclued a reworking of the infamous banana argument between Shabnam and Charley – with Jonty donning a long dark wig to play Shabnam and Brian, with curly hair and a dress, as Charley.

Meanwhile Ziggy, Jonty and the twins recreated the moment when Billi, Jonathan, Liam and Brian arrived. The snog in the caravan between Amanda and Brian – starring Carole and Liam as the loved-up twosome – and the arrival of the halfway housemates were also featured.

The housemates ended the film by singing the BB8 song they had composed earlier in the series, before returning the cameras.

Big Brother will transform the house into a mini-cinema on Tuesday night – complete with popcorn and pick n’ mix sweets – for the screening of the finished film.

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