Big Brother becomes housemates’ puppet master

The Big Brother 11 housemates have literally become puppets as part of a special task to win a birthday party for Steve.

The housemates were gathered on the sofa on Sunday where they found muppet-style puppet versions of themselves, and were informed by 90s TV puppet presenters Zig and Zag that they must talk only through their puppets all day in order to win the task.

They have been told they need to wear the puppet on one hand at all times, even when trying to eat, smoke, shave and use the toilet. They must also move their puppet’s mouth every time they speak, even in the Diary Room.

Each of the puppets has been made to resemble the housemate using it. Steve’s had a tattooed neck and a black marble for one eye, while Dave’s puppet is dressed as a minister in a cassock.

Ben’s puppet has a very large chin, while Sunshine’s has an enormous nose that was the source of much amusement from the other housemates.

“Why do you think they have given you such a big nose Sunshine?” John James asked through his puppet.

But when Sunshine got her own back by making her puppet ask his “Do you fancy Sunshine?” she was told “How can I fancy you with a big schnoz like that?”

Steve’s puppet also has prosthetic metal legs made from spatulas with children’s trainers on the end.

“I hope disability rights don’t take this the wrong way,” he joked.

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