Big Brother: Beinazir’s not a housemate!

Beinazir has become the first person to leave the Big Brother house this series after failing to achieve full ‘housemate’ status.

The 28-year-old study support assistant from London lost out in the public vote to choose the five remaining ‘non-housemates’ who would achieve official housemate status.

Angel, Sophia, Marcus, Sree and Siavash were all voted into the house, joining the other 10 who already became fully-fledged housemates after passing a series of tasks set by Big Brother.

Beinazir – who exited the house to no crowds and was simply met by Davina, said it was “weird” to have left so quickly.

“It could have been any one of us. It’s been fun though, everything’s been fun.”

And she admitted she had been quiet while she was there. “If I’d had my clothes and my make-up my personality would have come out even more.”

She was then taken away from the compound on a red double decker bus.

During her time as a ‘non-housemate’, Beinazir had to wear a uniform, sleep on the floor and live on very basic rations including cold porridge, while official housemates got to sleep in the main bedroom and were given better food.

The first official eviction of a housemate will be on Friday evening.

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