Big Brother 11’s Ben has incurred the wrath of his fellow housemates after he backed out of an army endurance task that was part of his Day Of Hell.

The task was part of a punishment dished out by Big Brother after Ben told the other housemates about the secret task he was set by the Tree Of Temptation.

After a morning surprise in which he had a cooked breakfast thrown over him he was then put through his paces with a work out from Army sergeant Mike Hawkes.

However just ten minutes in to the gruelling challenge an exhausted Ben said he was quitting.

Hawkes told him, You can not quit. If you quit, someone else in this house will take your place.”

However Ben accused him of using “psychological warfare” and subsequently chose Dave to take his place on the task – a move which left him less than popular with the others.

“It was horrible,” Dave said afterwards. “I was in there about 45 minutes, he wouldn’t give me a break. I’m a fat boy – I don’t even run to the takeaway!”

He also dubbed Ben a “coward” for backing out of the task.