Big Brother: Bex optimistic about eviction

Rebecca Shiner has told her fellow Big Brother housemates that while she thinks she may be evicted on Friday night, she suspects that someone else could get the chop instead.

Nursery nurse Bex is up for the public vote along with Darnell and Mohamed.

Without naming any names, Bex told Kat, Maysoon, Mikey and Darnell: “I think I could go, but I think there’s maybe someone that could go over me.”

“I think it’s me,” said Darnell, who agreed with Bex when she replied: “I think your temper’s got you to be honest.”

Mikey chipped in: “That’s the thing Darnell, if they’ve shown all your temper flare-ups then…”

But cookie lover Kathreya gave the former Head of House some much needed support, saying: “You’ve got a lot of good personality too.”

Last night, Bex shared another kiss with fellow Heavenly housemate Luke.