Big Brother: Big Banners!

The Big Brother housemates have had their creative powers tested with a task in which they had to make banners for Friday’s eviction.

While Chanelle and Laura were confined to the bedroom, the other housemates were divided into pairs and given one hour to create eviction banners for either nominee.

Each banner had to reflect the personality of their chosen nominee, as well as featuring some of their favourite sayings. However, they had to keep the theme of their banner a secret from the others.

At the end of the task, the pairs took it in turns to reveal their banners to the rest of the group, explaining why they chose Laura or Chanelle and how their banner represents them.

However, the two nominees were less than happy with the task – with Laura branding the photo of herself supplied by Big Brother for the banners “disgusting”. Chanelle, meanwhile, criticised the size of her neck in the photo of her which was used.

They calmed down once the banners were revealed, however. Laura was the subject of three – from Liam and Sam, Charley and Gerry and Nicky and Tracey.

All the banners had reference to food, and to Laura’s nickname ‘Wangers’.

Chanelle, meanwhile, received two banners – Brian and Amanda turned in a big pink banner, while Ziggy and Carole created a flag with a heart of gold.

As a reward for passing the task, the housemates have been given access to the caravan in the garden.

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