Big Brother: Big breakfast!

The Big Brother housemates have had a break from their Slop diet after a songwriting task won them a basic breakfast.

On Thursday morning Big Brother set them the challenge of writing a song and then performing it.

The rules of the task stated that they had just 30 minutes to come up with the song and accompanying routine, and all housemates had to sing at least one part solo. They were also provided with a blackboard and chalk on which to write lyrics.

Fortunately, former boyband member Ziggy had already been working on such a song.

The finished tune focused on the Big Brother house and featured such lyrics as “BB8 is the place to be, where the sun is shining we’re a family, there are times of laughter, there are times we cry – but the hardest thing is when we say goodbye.”

It also featured each member of the house describing themselves in verse.

Having completed the task successfully, the housemates tucked in to a late breakfast of orange juice, cereals, fruit, bread and a single sausage – which Laura divided equally among the housemates.

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