The new Big Brother housemates are set to attend a wedding over the weekend, between Mario and his ‘fake’ house girlfriend Stephanie.

The 42-year-old – real name Shaun Astbury – entered the house on Thursday with his actual girlfriend Lisa Appleton, but was told by Big Brother that he would have to pretend that he and Stephanie were in fact an item as part of a secret mission.

And the challenge took on a new twist after Mario was ordered to pop the question to the 19-year-old – and was told their wedding would be taking place in the house on Sunday.

If the pair should back down, or if the other housemates guess the truth, then they, along with Lisa and Luke – the only other housemate in on the secret – will all face the public vote next week.

However if they succeed in keeping up the pretence everybody else will face the public vote.

Despite initial objections, the pair have agreed to go along with the wedding – and on Saturday Stephanie chose Kathreya, Lisa, Rachel and Rebecca to be her bridesmaids. The quintet were provided with a hen party where they chose their outfits for the big day.

Meanwhile the boys enjoyed a stag party, with remaining girls Jennifer, Alexandra and Sylvia dressing up in bunny costumes to serve the drinks.

Meanwhile, Stephanie has been making further attempts to convince the others that her and Mario are for real.

“People have been doubting us,” she said. “I know it’s weird. I think they’ve offered us a chance to marry just to freak you out. I’m going to marry him because I want to, but I have had major doubts.”