Big Brother: Bread wars

Carole has had yet another row in the Big Brother house over food – this time with Ziggy.

Trouble broke out in the early hours of Sunday morning after the 53-year-old told the ex-pop star that he owed her several slices of bread from the previous night.

With tensions running high over the lack of food in the house, Ziggy was not pleased to hear such accusations and promptly hit back. “You told me that was communal,” he insisted.

“No I didn’t, so don’t go there!” Carole snapped back. “I’ll tell you what I told you last night – what was communal was mine, because I gave my loaf to the dinner.”

“Last night my loaf was given to the communal because I thought I was not staying,” she explained “Then, I said I had to take communal bread to replace the other one, because I stayed.”

Ziggy took the slur personally and walked round the house offering the remains of his bread to other people – but that just made Carole even angrier.

“Shut up!” she yelled. “Do not put that one on me, I’m not taking that!”

Later on Ziggy tried to make peace but Carole refused, saying she would speak to him the next morning. But she had plenty to say to the others about the whole affair.

“We know he eats loads,” she told Sam. He’s had his own, plus enough from other people. He’s had four slices, then two slices of mine.”

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