The Big Brother housemates have been set their first task since arriving in the house – going head to head in a breakdancing tournament.

The house has been divided into two ‘Crews’ for the task, with Shabnam and Carole chosen as Crew leaders by their fellow housemates.

Chanelle, Tracey, Laura and Charley are members of Shabnam’s Crew, while Carole’s consists of Sam and Amanda, Nicky, Lesley and Emily.

Each Crew member will have to take part in a series of individual breakdance routines against a member of the opposing Crew.

They should also aim to incorporate a number of classic breakdancing moves, including the Toprock, the Backspin and the Caterpillar, into their routines. However points will be given for originality.

Crew members have also been provided with outfits which they must wear when practising and performing their routines.

A professional breakdancer, Drew from the Foundation Breakdancing Crew, will be judging the individual battles. The winning Crew will receive a reward.

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