Big Brother: Brian and Amanda feel the lurve

Big Brother housemates Brian and Amanda have revealed they have no regrets about their kiss.

In the diary room, lovesick Brian came to the conclusion the pair will just be friends ‘and see what happens with everything on the outside world’.

“I waited five, six, seven, eight weeks for that night,” he told Amanda.

Meanwhile, Ziggy talked about his boyband past and his showbiz connection with Duncan from Blue.

He told Liam and Brian he was in a band with Duncan but they fell out and did not speak for years.

The former male model admitted he was ‘giving it large’ because he was in Northern Line but then Blue became really popular.

“Not only were they big, but they were cool, they did cool music, and for the last two years I’ve been jumping around like a doughnut,” he said.

Housemates were asked to state exactly what they love about their companions.

The group danced around the Circle of Life in the garden, before the twins kicked off the task by praising Brian. “Brian: the one thing we love about your personality above all else is that you make us laugh,” they said.

This week housemates will take part in a variety of tests and therapy sessions to improve their minds, bodies and souls.

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