Big Brother: Brian and Charley argue again

Big Brother buddies Brian and Charley have come to blows again – this time over Brian’s crush on fellow housemate Amanda.

Trouble flared in the bedroom in the early hours of Thursday morning after Charley suggested that Brian was wasting his time trying to win the twin’s affections.

Brian took offence, then annoyed Charley still further by referring to her as a “South London It Girl” – at which point the row became personal.

“I’m sick of you!” Charley shrieked at Brian, banging her hairbrush on the bed to prove her point further.

But Brian was having none of it. “Go and fly off on your broomstick,” he yelled at the 22-year-old.

Charley then accused Brian of “grassing Nicky up” to Big Brother over discussing nominations, which the 20-year-old swiftly denied.

“Nicky said she hadn’t been getting on with Liam that well, that she felt distant…” Charley began, but Brian was ahead of her.

“You’re the one who sat up and talked about us in nominations!” Brian pointed out, “and Big Brother said so over a tannoy, so get it right love!”

The argument eventually became unintelligible, with each one trying to shout louder than the other, before Brian eventually walked out.

“Some things have to be said,” he told Ziggy in the living area afterwards. “She can call me all she likes. The thing is she brings up old stuff and she twists it.”

“It’s because she knows I’m not scared of her, that’s the thing.”

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