Big Brother: Brian and Liam fall out

It looked like they were inseparable, but in the early hours of Monday morning Big Brother best mates Brian and Liam had their first row.

Trying to reassure Jonty, who thought he had heard Friday night’s eviction crowd booing him, Liam figuratively told him: “I don’t care what anybody else thinks, I didn’t hear any boos.”

But Brian misunderstood Liam’s comment – believing that Liam meant that ‘anybody else’s opinion was invalid’.

Liam took Brian’s suggestion very personally. “Brian, I have known you for 10 weeks and for you to say that was not cool.”

Brian quickly defended himself: “That’s the way it came across at the time though Liam, it came across quite blunt.”

Liam seemed visibly hurt that his friend could think ill of him.

“You’ve known me long enough to know that I would never personally slate you like that,” he said.

But it looked like the row had blown over before it had begun, with Liam telling his pal: “I would never hurt you on purpose, ever.”

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