Big Brother: Brian faces the public vote

Big Brother favourite Brian will face the public vote after Tracey secured immunity from eviction by being declared soul guru by the other housemates.

Both Brian and Tracey answered all their questions on the lie detector test correctly – and as such it was up to the housemates to choose which of them would be awarded guru status, and escape nomination as a result.

Only those housemates who had not been made gurus had the chance to vote – and Carole started off by choosing Tracey. “She’s been up for public vote four times, she’s been consistent throughout this House,” she said.

“She didn’t lie about things, and I think the chances of the public ousting Brian are zilch.”

Gerry, Kara-Louise and Jonty also voted for Tracey, all saying that they believed Brian would have more chance of surviving the public vote.

“Trace has been up for eviction four times already,” Gerry said. “I don’t think she deserves to pack her suitcase again, and I think Brian will survive the public vote.”

However, Liam voted for Brian.

“Brian mate, it has to be you,” he said. “I said yesterday who I’d like to see be a guru, and I picked you. I’d be stupid to go back on my word now,” he explained.

All of which means that Tracey joins Ziggy and the twins as the housemates immune from eviction this week.

However, Brian, along with Jonty, Kara-Louise, Carole, Liam and Gerry, will all face the public vote.

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