Big Brother Brian is grandson of a Nigerian king

Big Brother housemate Brian’s grandfather is a Nigerian tribal king.

After struggling to cope, Brian’s Nigerian parents gave up their child when he was just four months old.

Foster mother Sue Wood, now 53, brought up Brian, 20, with her two biological sons in Essex.

Natalie Smith, 21, the Big Brother star’s cousin, told New! magazine: “His biological granddad is a tribal king and he’s very well known in his home country of Nigeria.

“I remember he came round to Sue’s house once in a limo.

“He had an entourage and was wearing an African-style outfit and a hat.

“We were really young at the time and didn’t know what was going on. When he walked in he asked Brian to get on his knees.

“Poor Brian was shocked, but his mum told him ‘You’re not getting on your knees for anyone’.”

Brian’s parents attempted to get custody of him when he was five. The struggle ended when, aged 11, Brian said he wanted to continue living with his foster mother.

But the contestant does not know that his real father and foster mother were once married to each other.

His foster mother claims Brian’s father told her they would have to marry if she wanted to keep looking after the youngster because he feared he was going to be deported.

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