Big Brother: Brian pursues Amanda

Brian has made his latest attempt to win round Amanda during their remaining time in the Big Brother house.

The pair shared a cosy chat in the early hours of Wednesday morning, when the lovestruck 20-year-old once again revealed his feelings for the twin.

“You’re a really good looking girl,” he told her. “You can have anyone you want.”

Amanda denied this but Brian persisted. “I’m a geek,” he declared “I have to take what I can get – and that’s not very much. You made my time in here 100 times better. Even our little chats like this – it’s so normal.”

Conversation then turned to the pair’s now legendary snog in the caravan, with Amanda sounding more than a little embarrassed about the whole thing.

“I enjoyed it,” Brian insisted. “Seriously!”

“It was the fact we were under a quilt,” she pointed out.

“It made it look worse than it actually was,” Brian said. “It’s a shame everyone had to see us looking like gimps in the caravan but it was a cool night. One of my best nights here.”

In the outside world, meanwhile, it’s becoming apparent that Amanda’s reluctance to strike up a romance with Brian may be due to her nursing a broken heart.

According to The Sun, the 19-year-old has never recovered from splitting up with her boyfriend of two years – and her dad, Pete Marchant, told the paper it has changed her outlook on relationships.

“She was going out with a guy while she was at college and really cared for him,” he said. “But he didn’t show her much respect – he kept letting her down and it really affected her.”

He’d say ‘let’s meet up’ or ‘let’s go out for dinner’ and end up cancelling or not showing up. She hasn’t really had a relationship since.

However, Pete has given Brian the thumbs up and says he would be welcomed in the Marchant household.

“Brian seems like a lovely guy – I’m sure he’d make a great boyfriend,” he added. “He’s funny and has a big heart and I’m sure they could have hit it off in the real world.”

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