Big Brother: Brian wins!

Brian has been voted the winner of the eighth series of Big Brother, with Sam and Amanda runners-up.

The 20-year-old Basildon boy, who also wins £100,000 prize money, scored 60.3 per cent of the public vote.

He had been the favourite to win for much of the series, but was overtaken in the betting by Sam and Amanda in recent weeks after they chose to be treated as a single housemate.

Brian wept upon hearing his name announced as the winner, while Amanda and Sam shrieked. “I don’t deserve to win…this is mental,” he said as the pair hugged him.

And the twins, after leaving the house to an enthusiastic reception of their own, told Davina they were delighted he had won. “We love Brian so much,” they told her.

The pair – who were as loud and bubbly during their interview as they had been during their time in the house, were shocked to be told they had not received a single nomination for eviction during the series, and described the description to treat them as a single housemate as “the best thing ever ever in the world”.

However the evening belonged to Brian, who left the house to crowds cheering and chanting his name, as well as fireworks and confetti.

“It’s the best show on TV and I’ve won it!” he exclaimed, “how did I do that? I’m just dopey, and I say things I shouldn’t be saying.”

The self-confessed Big Brother fan – who described winning the show as the best day of his life – was also grilled by Davina over his infatuation with Amanda, and said kissing her was “pukka”.

“At the end of the day though if she just wants to be mates, I understand that,” he said. “It’s up to Amanda what happens now, whatever.”

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