Big Brother: Brian’s hot date!

Big Brotherwinner Brian has asked Amanda out on a date, and she has said yes, according to the papers.

The Sunday Mirror reports that the 20-year-old Basildon boy invited the twin – whom he shared a snog with during their time in the house – to McDonalds, during his first interview after leaving the house on Friday.

“I don’t know what love is…but I do like Amanda a lot,” he admitted in the interview.

“We got on really well in the house and I respect her. Whether or not that is love I don’t know.”

“I’m single and I don’t want to come out of the show and get with any girls who just want to be with me because I’ve been on Big Brother.” He then turned to the blushing, giggling twin, who was also present at the interview, and invited her out.

The paper also reports that Brian is poised to launch an acting career following his Big Brother victory. He has apparently been approached to appear in soaps including EastEnders and Hollyoaks.

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