Big Brother: Brian’s missing his mates

Brian has confided in fellow Big Brother housemate Carole that he is missing his friends since they went to the Halfway House.

The 20-year-old confessed that he is feeling the strain with the departure of four housemates – Charley, Chanelle, Ziggy and Liam – in less than a week.

“It feels like my brothers have moved out and I’m the only one left,” he told Carole. “I’ll be all right, I’ll live, but I suppose it’s just weird.”

“What’s interesting is Gerry is happy because he can chat with David,” Carole pointed out, “and the others all want to listen to all of Gerry’s stories again.”

“So I think he is quite happy, but that just leaves you.”

Brian added that he felt like he was the “only boy left in the house”, and agreed that Gerry and David bonded because the newcomer was “intellectual”.

“I think David will get on with anybody,” Carole pointed out, “if they let him.” But she wasn’t so sure that Tracey was happy about the new arrivals.

“She’s annoyed all of her mates have gone,” she said of the raver. “It’s not their fault. They applied to be in Big Brother the same as us.”

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