Big Brother: Brian’s mission impossible?

Big Brother‘s birthday boy Brian has reacted with shock at his ‘present’ – being told that Australian housemate Pauline is a fake.

The 20-year-old was called to the Diary Room on Tuesday afternoon where he was told he was to receive a birthday gift. Although he optimistically hoped it might be alcohol, he was stunned when told of Pauline’s true identity.

“Nooooo,” he shrieked, “you’ve ruined it for me! I really want to believe it. You’ve got to be joking. You can’t lie to us about stuff like that!”

There were further complaints from Brian when Big Brother told him that he stands to win himself a birthday party – but only if he keeps Pauline’s identity a secret from the other housemates.

“But I thought she fancied me and everything!” the Essex boy roared. “Can’t I tell Liam? I can’t keep secrets! I tell everyone everything! You’re a mentalist!”

Eventually, Brian decided the only way he would win his birthday party would be if he steered clear of his fellow housemates.

“I’m going to have to avoid everyone,” he concluded. “I’m mouth of the south. I can’t keep secrets. This is a joke!”

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