Big Brother: Brian’s mum says he’s faking it

Big Brother favourite Brian is using an onscreen persona that he has carefully planned to guarantee his victory, according to none other than his mum.

Brian’s mother Sue Wood told the Daily Star: “The way he is presenting himself isn’t really him. It’s not how he acts at home.

“He’s completely different on TV. There’s a lot of play-acting going on.”

Sue, 53, revealed that her son has kept copies of every Big Brother episode and press cuttings on previous housemates.

She said: “It’s obvious he’s playing this game – he has studied up on the show.

“He’s always been a great performer and he always excelled in anything to do with acting.”

Some of Brian’s close friends have agreed that he is playing the “perfect housemate” by taking qualities from previous successful contestants and moulding them into one character, according to the newspaper.

For example, he has pretended not to be worldly wise, just like Jade Goody.

Brian told his housemates he had never heard of William Shakespeare – but Sue has insisted her son studied his plays at school.

The 20-year-old Essex boy is still topping both fans’ and bookmakers’ polls in the race for the Big Brother winner.

His main competition comes from identical twins Sam and Amanda, who are also tipped to triumph in the eighth series of the reality show.

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