Big Brother: Cairon wins final ‘housemate’ task

Big Brother ‘non-housemate’ Cairon has become the last person to earn housemate status after winning a challenge set in the house.

The 18-year-old American struck lucky in a task which saw the non-housemates having to dunk a biscuit in a cup of tea for the longest amount of time.

Sree and Marcus floundered at the task, managing only 7.8 seconds and 8.3 seconds respectively, while Beinazir and Sophia did not fare much better.

Angel, at 21.1 seconds, fared rather better but still couldn’t beat Cairon, while Siavash narrowly missed out on nabbing the housemate place by just 0.4 of a second.

“It’s all in the biscuit,” a delighted Cairon said later. “I used a digestive. I eat digestives all day.” Housemates had a choice of biscuits, with chocolate bourbons and custard creams also on the table.

Cairon now joins other fully-fledged housemates Rodrigo, Noiron, Lisa, Kris, Charlie and Saffia.

Freddie and Sophie also achieved housemate status on Saturday after apparently legally changing their names – to Halfwit and Dogface.

Charlie and Saffia became official housemates after passing a task which required them to walk across broken glass. Karly also made it through after having a motorbike tyre pushed into her chest while blindfolded.

The remaining non-housemates – Angel, Sophia, Sree, Beinazir, Siavash and Marcus – will all face the public vote on Sunday night’s show.

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